Project Analysis and Planing:   Working with clients to establish needs and resources required for a project.  Design, costing and implementation.

Graphic Design:   A staff of talented and creative independent graphic designers specializing in large format projects.

Original Commissioned Art:   We will find the style of art for your project and commission it from over 30 gifted digital and "real world" artist.  We will also work with one of your own choosing.

Location Photography:   Equipped for personal. product, and architectural photography on location.

Super Hi-End Digitizing:   Specializing in propriety hi end digitizing of large art and documents.

Large Format Printing:   High resolution large format printing on various sub-straights.  Various vinyls, fine art canvas and fine art papers to be used for your project..

Fine Art Reproductions:   The roots of Artmatrix come from over 20 years in the fine art reproduction industry running  Rixx Editions specializing in museum quality fine art limited and open edition artwork.

Art framing:   A team of professional art framers are available for any size and style of framing desired.

Project Installation:   A team of professionals (also well known artists) with over 15 years of installing experience in residential and large commercial spaces.  Fully equipped for any size job!


With over 20 years experience with Rixx Editions producing fine art museum quality reproductions (giclee) makes this our strong point!  Not the only service we offer but it is the core service for many of our large projects. 

Size does matter! A well thought-out project can be ruined by substandard work!!

Art is captured at super high resolution using state of the art equipment and proprietary techniques for digitizing of original large art work.  We then print it on a verity of fine art sub straights to rival the original work (see image to the right).

We have an extensive group of artists and digital artists already in production… ready to print at you request and there approval with commissions of course!

If you wish you can commission one of the artists for your preferred style of art or select from there many ready to print collections.

This is super for large hotel or resident project. 


NOTE: Art capture files that ART MATRIXX creates are not released  for printing Giclees elsewhere.  However AM will create low resolution images (jpgs) suitable for magazine or web advertising at artists request for a fee of $8 per image.